the perfect capuccino to start he day

Cazuela in Cartagena and goat in Guajira


Colombian cuisine, following in the footsteps of its Peruvian and Brazilian neighbours, is starting to come into its own in the wake of the country’s current tourism boom. Anna Maria Espsäter takes an exploratory coastal food trip.

The British Curry Awards

preparing a curry in my local - the best in the country, of course!

Usually if you get the conversation around to where’s the best curry house, everybody says that theirs is the best.

Macanese food in London

Macanese cuisine is a mix of many historical influences

From 17 to 29 November Londoners will have a chance to discover the culinary delights of Macau with the introduction of a Macanese tasting menu.

Food tourism at the Dev

where guests can enjoy the eight meals that wille be served in Food and Wine Week

The hotel known to its friends as The Dev, will be joined by some of the UK’s most exciting chefs for a Food and Wine Week starting on December 1st

Tequila Fest

Harvesting - eventually Tequila will be produced ans shippied throughout the world

Tequila Fest, although focusing primarily on Mexican drinks, is also highlighting some of the best of Mexican cuisine and culture.

Indian desserts


Being rather fond of Indian food, I confess that I can only think of one occasion when I have managed to eat the main course and ask for a pudding, Usually, the main is so filling that anything more would be gluttony.

June food fests

Halifax foodfest last year; this year its even bigger

Sunny weather is forecast for most of us this weekend which is just as well considering that two of the best food events are happening and that both are outdoors.


a typical estofinado

In Decazeville, during the prosperous mining period, the Estofinado became associated with the miners just as tin miners are associated with the pasty

Copenhagen’s top restaurant scene

the inside of Noma, not as grand as the Marchal but who can tell which is the best restaurant?

As Noma, perhaps the most well-known Danish restaurant in the world celebrates its 10th birthday it has a rival to be found in the same city.